Wednesday, August 30, 2006

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Sunday, August 27, 2006

The ball tampering controversy - my view Part II

Ok - the controversy is just turning into a soap opera now. I had blogged a post earlier about my views on this controversy. Now the situation has turned completely different:
  1. Inzamam's hearing has been postponed till the end of September - this gives Inzy some time to concentrate on his cricket and also for the lawyers to present the cases (of course, this also means that the axe is still hanging around Inzy's head).
  2. ICC sensationally released the email exchanges between Hair and the ICC chiefs - i think, this is the most unprofessional of the ICC - Hair had clearly sent the email in confidence and i think ICC has betrayed that. According to the email, Hair had offered to quit if ICC were to offer him $500, 000 to compensate him for his future matches, that he would have umpired had he not retired.
  3. Malcom Speed, ICC's chief executive then made a statement that Hair's career may be over now.
  4. Hair then hit back at the ICC saying that his offer of the $500,000 was made at the behest of ICC.
One thing that has come up as a result of this unfolding drama is that the wonderful cricket of cricket has taken a back-seat and matters off the field have taken precedence.

I would rather worry about the "Men in Blue" rather than the "Men in White".

-- Thyaga

Thursday, August 24, 2006

World Cup Final Tickets

Did anyone get your tickets for the World Cup Finals? - my application was rejected and i feel a little pissed. I did manage to get 3 Group 2 tickets - these are the tickets that one needs to buy in addition to the World Cup ones - really, this is quite unfortunate.

Let me know if any of you managed to get the tickets and also let me know how u managed to pull off the trick !

-- Thyaga

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Hayden back in Aussie 1-day squad

Matthew Hayden and Glenn McGrath will make their one-day international returns after long absences during the mini-tour of Malaysia next month. This is good news for Australia and bad news for the rest of the world. Hayden along with Gilly at the very top can destroy any bowling attack - looks like the Aussies have taken the 1st step towards retaining the World Cup. Read on ...

-- Thyaga

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The ball tampering controversy - my view

End of a Test or beginning of a controversy?
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Over the past few days, the cricketing world has been rocked by a ball-tampering fiasco where umpire Darrel Hair accused the Pakistan team of tampering with the ball. This incident occurred on the 4th day of the 4th test at the Oval Cricket Ground. He awarded 5 penalty runs to England and had the ball changed. After the tea interval, the England batsmen walked out to the middle along with the umpires but the Pakistan players were nowhere to be seen. Hair soon declared that Pakistan had forfeited the game. You can go through the details here ...

My take on this whole episode is this:

(1). Darrel Hair has repeatedly courted controversies and his record with Asian countries has particularly been bad. He was the first to openly no-ball Muralitharan for chucking and that opened a can of worms regarding chucking and recently ICC had to amend its laws for chucking. ICC seriously needs to look into this "anti-Asian" attitude of Hair.

(2). When the incident happened, the person who should have taken charge of the situation was the match refree Mike Proctor - but he did none of that.

(3). Inzamam did the right thing by carrying on play till tea instead of taking a decision in haste and walking out as Ranatunga famously did in Australia. Over tea, Pakistan protested against Hair's decision and I think, they were right in protesting against the decision. There was no substantial proof of ball tampering even though there were 26 Sky TV cameras in operation !

(4). Hair's decision could have been provoked by Duncan Fletcher - he had gone to meet the match refree in the morning to voice his suspicion. The match refree could have informed Hair about it and the result was there to see.

(5). I think Hair's decision reflects more of a policeman attitude rather than of a judge, a view publicly pointed out by Rashid Latif, Imran Khan, Ranatunga etc.

(6). From the looks of it, it seems that Inzy may be banned for 4 Tests and 8 ODIs - if that is the case, then the Pakistan team should show solidarity towards their captain and simply not play the ODIs in England.

(7). Its time ICC looks into the repeated complaints from the Asian block and give them proper respect that they deserve.

-- Thyaga

Sunday, August 20, 2006

India - Sri Lanka series cancelled

India and Sri Lanka have cancelled their ODI series. South Africa had initially pulled out owing to security fears. Also, continuous rain made play almost impossible. I really don't understand ICC's planning - it is obvious that it will be raining now in Sri Lanka. Why do they keep doing such mistakes? - it is a blow for the cricketers and also for the fans.

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Friday, August 18, 2006

The tale of 2 cricketers ...

2 years ago, when India toured Pakistan, India had unearthed a star - Irfan Pathan. He wrecked the Pakistan batting line-up with relentless ease. One of the players who struggled repeatedly against him was a player known as Yousuf Youhana, one of the very few "non-Muslims" at that time to play the game. Come 2005 and Yousuf Youhana embraced Islam and become Mohammad Yousuf. Ever since that, his performances have gone up the roof.

Currently, Yousuf is touring England and has 3 Test Centuries on the trot. On the other hand, Irfan Pathan is struggling to make it to the Indian Test Team now and in fact, was dropped for most of the Caribbean Test Series. As they say, cricket is after all a confidence game. Of course, for Yousuf, it might seem that there are reasons more than confidence as well. All said and done, Yousuf is in the form of his life right now.

-- Thyaga